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Funding for Conservation & Restoration

Please copy and customize the document below and email it to the following representatives to help us reach the goal of making a dedicated funding for conservation, restoration, and access across the entire California desert region a reality:

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Senator Patricia Bates –

Senator Steven Bradford –

Senator Brian Jones –

Senator Anthony – Portantino

Senator Bob – Wieckowski

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Subject: Approve AB 1183

Dear Elected Official,

As a California desert resident and advocate, I have long valued this region for its treasured resources, such as Joshua Tree National Park, Sand to Snow National Monument, and the many wilderness areas. Comprising 28% of the entire state of California, the spectacular desert ecoregion provides world class recreational opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, rock hounding, camping, and exploration of historic sites.

The popularity of the desert region has skyrocketed with more residents and visitors enjoying its dark night skies, wide open spaces, and iconic Joshua tree and desert tortoise. In the past five years, visitation to Joshua Tree National Park has increased by 112 percent with companion desert parks and preserves experiencing parallel positive growth.

Unfortunately, California funding initiatives, including past bonds, have invested far less conservation funding into the desert than other areas of the state. The California desert region needs direct investment to protect and restore the natural and cultural resources and the recreational and economic benefits they provide. Existing conservancies and conservancy programs elsewhere in the state have secured many tens of millions of dollars in funding, illustrating the benefit of the proposed program. As an example, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy received $18,260,271 in 2020 alone for their Watershed Improvement Program in the areas of forest health, land conservation, community resilience, and tourism.

AB 1183 would establish a Desert Conservation Program under the Wildlife Conservation Board and create more balance across the state where conservation funding is delivered. It is going before the Senate’s Appropriations Committee in August.

I urge you to support this bill and ensure its success and enactment.


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