Information For Off Highway Vehicle Users

Information For Off Highway Vehicle Users

The Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area is located approximately 3 miles Northwest of Borax Bill Park in California City. If you are visiting the area for Off Road Vehicle recreation, stop by and take a self-guided walking tour of the natural area. OHVs are not allowed on the Natural Area, but we share flora and fauna with many of the areas surrounding us. Visit our Interpretive Center and get a glimpse of some of the species you might see while out riding. During the Spring months, a naturalist is available every day from 8am-5pm to answer any questions about responsible recreation and desert ecology.

The Interpretive Center features three self-guiding walking trails, a restroom, and an informational kiosk.

From Borax Bill Park: Take Rudnick Rd. West towards Randsburg Mojave Rd, turn right. The entrance to the Interpretive Center will be on the left in about 2.5 miles. -or- take trail CC10 North towards Randsburg Mojave Rd., turn left. The entrance to the Interpretive Center will be on the right in about 2.5 miles.

We Promote The Following Practices For Safe & Responsible OHV Recreation:
  1. Be aware of active versus inactive trails. Not all trails are legally open to public riding. Some have been deactivated due to factors such as change of land ownership for surrounding lands, ground disturbances, public safety concerns, etc.
  2. Obey fence lines and signage. Fencing notifies the public of private or off-limit areas. Additionally, signage notifies of these areas as well as other regulations (speed limit, etc.) to obey while on trails. These barriers and posts are there for a reason; please do not disobey them.
  3. Be respectful of the environment. OHV recreation can be very rewarding, especially if you are also able to enjoy the beauty of the area in which you are riding. Please keep in mind that the noise, vibrations, and overall use of your vehicle can negatively impact the wildlife that inhabit those areas, and please try to minimize those impacts while still enjoying the rewards of outdoor recreation.
  4. Be courteous to others. Please respect fellow OHV users as well as non-OHV users. Keep your vehicle quiet. Allow room for passersby. Leave the area as clean as you found it.

Lastly, if you are driving a 4-wheel drive vehicle, please make sure to look around your tires prior to riding. Tortoises seek the shade of vehicles on hot days and can quickly find a resting space right behind your tire!

For more tips on safe and responsible OHV recreation or to enroll in ATV safety training, visit ATV Safety Institute. For more information about local OHV recreation in general, visit, the non-profit Friends of Jawbone, or the California City Police Department.

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