2022 Spring Work Party

2022 Spring Work Party

We will be onsite at 3:00 pm to set up shade tents and the DTRNA welcome for our Work Party the following day.

Friday, March 25th

4 volunteers are needed to help set up for our Work Party – if you are available to help put up tents, tables, and make ready trailing building materials, please sign up at this link Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

We will start at 2:00pm and finish by 5:00 pm. This is the map to use for the meeting location DTRNA Directions

Saturday, March 26th

Arrival 7 am at the DTRNA – DTRNA Directions

Welcome, paperwork and introductions with a 7:45 am start time.

We are trail building and the DTRNA proper and everyone will just park and step onto the trails to work; very easy no one will get lost.

From 7:45 am we will be replacing signs, defining trails, and making everything look lovely.

There will be 4 Team Leaders who will take small groups and provide very detailed direction and make sure everyone is taken care of and has a fun experience.

We will end our workday at 12:00 pm to have a boxed lunch (we will provide) and some short introductions to what we do at the DTPC and our dear friends at Restoration Habitat.

From 1-2 pm we will break down the shade tents, put up the tables, thank everyone for their participation, and return to Red Rock for camping.

If you have any questions please contact Sophia Osho at 442-294-4258, or email dtpc@tortoise-tracks.org

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