Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

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Help Desert Tortoises by Volunteering

The Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee relies on dedicated volunteers to help us achieve our goals of preserving prime desert tortoise habitat. In 2017, volunteers contributed over 900 hours of time to the organization. Their contributions helped with stewardship, outreach/education, administration, and fundraising activities.

General Support

A lot of things go into running a conservation organization. General things include database management, website management, graphic design, IT support, etc. Volunteers with skills related to these areas are needed for general support of the organization.

Land Monitoring

With land acquisition being a large part of our mission, we manage quite a bit of land. This land is protected for the desert tortoise and other wildlife inhabitants. In order to protect this land, it must be monitored each year to ensure that there is no damage that could negatively affect wildlife and also to monitor the population statuses of various species. Volunteering is a great way to gain field experience and enjoy the great outdoors while helping us manage our land.

Education & Outreach

The Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee is dedicated to educating the public about the Mojave and Sonoran desert ecosystems, the plight of the desert tortoise, and what can be done to ensure their survival. We are also engaged with local stakeholders. Volunteers can participate in education programs with local schools, events held by affiliative organizations, and outreach to local stakeholders.

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